#5 - Vianey “Nurse V.” Ariadna Perez: A Nurse’s Perspective on Ibogaine

January 9, 2023

Vianey Ariadna Perez, or Nurse V. as everyone at Beond calls her, is a registered nurse and the head of nursing at Beond.

Nurse V. has overseen more than 500 ibogaine experiences, and a few months ago, she also had her own experience with the powerful medicine. Born in Mexico and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, she studied at a private nursing university and worked in Cancun’s General Hospital in several different departments before she began working with ibogaine in 2018.

There are some obvious things required of Beond’s nursing staff, and some less obvious things. In this episode, Nurse V. discusses some of the finer points of being a nurse in this kind of setting, and shares about her experience of witnessing transformational changes in the people she cares for.

Nurse V. opens up about her own experience with ibogaine in the spring of 2022, and she discusses a topic on the minds of several people in the psychedelic space: is it necessary for people who work with a psychedelic medicine like ibogaine to have their own experience with the medicine?

She also offers up advice to folks with nursing experience who might be considering working in this growing space.

Why it’s important: Nurse V presents a different perspective on ibogaine treatment: not one from the patient’s chair or the science lab but from directly opposite a patient, within the treatment room, and as the leader of a nursing team overseeing several patients who are at different points in their ibogaine treatment plan. Learning about Nurse V’s experiences with ibogaine, both personal and professional, provides a level of insight into treatment that could be new for listeners.

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At our core, all humans are affected by trauma—it’s what we do with that trauma that can reshape our lives. In Root Medicine, author and journalist Amanda Siebert is joined by psychedelic researchers, trauma and addiction specialists, practitioners, patients, and parents as they unpack their understanding of and experiences with ibogaine, a potent drug derived from the West African shrub, iboga. It may be best known for its ability to interrupt opiate addiction, but there’s more to it than that: ibogaine can help us get to the root of our trauma so we can truly heal. As mental healthcare is slowly reshaped by psychedelic medicines, join Siebert for powerful conversations that provide listeners with knowledge for their own healing journey, and practitioners with cutting-edge information on the safe and effective use of ibogaine for trauma and addiction.

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