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Beond Ibogaine Treatment Reviews and Testimonials

A word from our clients

Sid P:

"This place is a magical place of healing. Prior to my arrival I had had quite several psychedelic journeys with experienced healers. This place is quite special because of its CEOs Tom and Talía. This is a place you will learn to love yourself and others.I had quite a big concern about how my trip with Ibogaine would be and Tom spent considerable time with me prior to my journey day. The staff is extremely supportive and treat you like they have known you for some time. That level of caring is really impressive and necessary to overcome addiction and trauma. The chef Ray himself is quite warm and caring and makes the best healthy food. The therapists Adrianna and Antonio are very skilled and quite helpful in the healing process. They will teach you ways and give you tools to use for after you leave to maintain your health and wellness. I had an amazing experience and saw lots of people with long standing opiate addictions leave like new reborn people. Quite amazing !! I can not say enough positive things about this place. The pool and rooms are also amazing."

Caroline L.

"I went to Beond for 8 days earlier this year, and the experience changed me deeply. I didn’t have a chemical ‘dependency’, but I did enjoy wine almost every day, and a really painful divorce 3 years ago meant I carried a significant burden of sadness most of the time. My time in intention setting with Beond therapists, as well as my days on site were filled with nurture and care. The food was healthy and delicious, the embodiment and mindfulness classes and practices offered were supportive to my overall goals, and the staff was kind and wonderful. My treatment with ibogaine felt safe, and was also something that felt like it healed my body and mind almost as much as it allowed me to process some of my grief. I left with a deeper awareness of myself, cravings for wine completely gone, and a beautiful acceptance and ease around sadness and grief. I’m so grateful!"

Kaia R.

"I cannot speak highly enough about the incredible client experience at Beond. I felt so well taken care of, every detail was looked after, and every staff and medical person is top notch. The comfort, the food, the medicine… all excellent! While I originally attended Beond to learn more about ibogaine and see what kind of healing would be possible for me, I received much more than I anticipated and feel that my life is changed permanently in all the best ways!"

man Farmanara

I have so much to say and can’t figure out where to start! I was stuck in the same perpetual circle of harmful behaviors and habits (28 years!) which have affected myself, my family, my friends and work. BEOND and the whole cast and crew (amazing individuals!) helped me feel extremely comfortable during a very vulnerable period in my life. They are absolute professionals and the location is beautiful, not the mention the food and accommodations. I have made life long friends there, amazing people suffering as I was. If you are seeking a change and are tired of being tired like I was, BEOND is the place for you! Much love to the family at BEOND. Thank you ❤️