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Into each of our lives, we bring so much wisdom and hope, and we also carry the burden of our intergenerational traumas, learned habits and behaviors, lived experiences, and hardships.

These experiences show up in our lives and relationships as:

  • Our lack of emotional freedom
  • Ongoing absence of joy
  • Inability to experience self-love or love for others
  • Inability to achieve balance or a sense of harmony
  • Inconsistent experience of purpose, peace or passion

These feelings undermine intentions to improve personal wellbeing, achieve important life goals, and sap motivations to optimize performance in important areas.

To unlearn and reset, we need support, guidance, and the opportunity to harness self-motivation. Psychedelic treatments such as ibogaine and psychedelic assisted therapy shift our mindset to optimize our life. Whether we have suffered from trauma that led to behavioral patterns such as chronicprocrastination, depression, anxiety and addiction or developing habits and behaviors that have stifled the ability to live a full life, at Beond, we are here to help the whole human on their journey of discovery, healing, transformation and optimization.

Beond professionals facilitate a deeply personal process of beginning again through an array of powerful psychological, ibogaine-assisted psychedelic treatments for depression and other behavioral conditions that serve as the catalyst and container that to help to transform. We have adapted our proprietary 5 phase delivery model – “Insight Oriented Ibogaine” to effectively serve a broader community of guests in need of psychedelic therapeutic treatments. These treatments are for those of us who do not identify as chemically dependent or as experiencing severe Depression, Anxiety or PTSD.

Overview of The Beond Reset Program

Beond offers 7-day or 14-day medically supervised Ibogaine-assisted programs, including customized treatment plans developed by our trained, professional staff members and medical personnel. These customized treatment plans are founded on medical and psychological assessments and evaluations to ensure qualification. This approach increases the multidimensional safety and efficacy of the program and therapies offered.

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Beond Reset Programs: New in 2022

Mindful Media Reset: The Path Toward Purpose & Presence With Digital Experiences and Devices.

Technology has brought incredible opportunities for connection to our lives, and conversely, it also creates profound disconnection. The inescapable presence of adverse digital experiences ("doom scrolling" pornography, a profound sense of personal inadequacy/lack) and devices in our lives take a toll on our well-being and relationships in seen and unseen ways.

Resetting our relationship aims to create healthy space and new autonomy around digital productivity & purpose, social media, gaming, and our dependencies on devices in general so that we can rebuild valuable habits and a sense of meaningful presence. In addition, the relationship between ourselves and our loved ones can only benefit from a more balanced relationship with technology.

Soulful Food Reset: Discovering the Power of Food that Truly Satisfies

Food is often habitually tied to pleasure and comfort, and ironically, many of the ingredients we consume have powerfully adverse effects on mood and our physical wellness.

We need support finding our way forward to a more empowered relationship with food. After all, food is energy, and when we aren’t getting the nutrients we need, our energy, self-esteem, and well-being suffer.

Reimagining a relationship with food that truly nourishes us is foundational to living a life of presence and resilience.

Self-Love & Connection Reset: Healing the Most Important Relationship First.

For many, receiving love can be challenging, especially when we need help learning to love ourself. To truly open us up to the power of self-love, we must open ourselves to a compassionate and honest relationship with the self — the foundation for sustained radical healing.

We cannot give love to another without knowing how to love ourselves, and for many, this must be learned. Building a conscious and compassionate relationship with yourself often requires support, awareness, intention, and healing.

Inner-Child & Re-Parenting Reset: Transformative Tools for Caring For Our Inner Young One

Our wounding can begin long before we know that lifelong damage is happening. Our families of origin often have inherited unhealthy behavioral patterns for generations that are passed down, even unwittingly. As a result, we may turn to self-destructive behaviors and self-medication to cope in an effort to smother our pain.

Learning to reparent ourselves in ways we may not have experienced as children is a profound tool for healing, transformation, and growth. Reparenting has the power to create a wealth of healing and essential inner- resources during challenging times when we feel triggered and may reach for harmful coping mechanisms.

Remote Access:

Ahead of admission to Beond MX, our guests participate in a remote preparation program that includes deep personal discovery work guided and led by our trained, certified therapeutic coaches.

On site:

While visiting Beond MX, 1:1 therapy is combined with ibogaine-assisted therapies and guided experiences with trained professionals and medical support, including psychedelic assisted therapy for PTSD and psychedelics for addiction. Patients will participate in psychological 1:1 therapy and adjunct therapies such as yoga, meditation, bodywork/massage, breath work, aquatic therapies, music and sound healing, art therapy, and therapeutic movement.

Clean Healthy Food &  Aftercare:

Additionally, guests receive a personalized nutritional support program to create a sustainable lifestyle that leads to lasting change. Finally, patients will be invited to participate in remote aftercare and integration support provided by trained, certified therapeutic coaches upon departure.

Follow Up: After departure, there will be access to alumni groups and ongoing peer support programs after the patient leaves. Beond begins with treatment and commits to ongoing support.

All accommodations are included and private transportation to and from the airport are arranged by Beond support staff. 

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What to Expect

Our continuum of care begins with our first introduction and never ends.

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Preparation &  Integration

Proper preparation ensures the longevity of your healing. Beond counselors and integrations coaches conduct at least two 1:1 confidential sessions to assess your situation and design a pre-treatment plan that prepares your body, mind and spirit for optimal therapy.

Our coaches are available to clients 24 hours a day via our tele-medicine platform.

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Therapy & Treatment

Led by your physician, supported by our certified nursing and psychology staff, your treatment takes place on-site through a safe and effective combination of psychedelic plant medicine, 1:1 counseling, and advanced medical technologies.

Beond combines experiences of self discovery and exploration with breath work, bodywork, nutrition, meditation and deep relaxation practices.

Continuous Aftercare

The key to lasting transformation is continuous aftercare. Your certified Beond integration coaches engage remotely before departure and continue your healing through continuous counseling, education, and support after your return home.

Beond integration coaching is available for extended family & loved ones in any location.