Harness the Healing Properties of Iboga for Addiction, Anxiety, and Other Mental Health Conditions

Over the wide history of humankind, we have discovered many substances in nature with medicinal or healing properties. Iboga is one naturally-occurring substance we have learned to harness in ibogaine drug treatments and treatments using ibogaine for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other common behavioral disorders. At Beond’s iboga healing center in Cancun, Mexico, we have utilized the latest medical knowledge about iboga to develop psychedelic-assisted therapy utilizing iboga for addiction and mental health issues while exposing our patients to multiple avenues for healing, including aquatic and art therapy. We believe the Beond iboga center is among the best iboga treatment centers in Mexico because of our commitment to safe, clinically-tested practices and our positive, holistic approach to addressing trauma in our clients’ lives.

The substance known as iboga has a long, storied history dating back to its discovery by indigenous African peoples, who ingested iboga as part of their spiritual practices. Iboga is a West African shrub with bark that carries psychedelic properties. When ingested, users will experience psychedelic effects for several hours, usually with no major side effects. Iboga is not addictive and is the main ingredient in the medicinal substance ibogaine, which medical professionals administer in safe doses at the Beond ibogaine clinic in Mexico.

As part of ibogaine, iboga is an effective alternative therapy for anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and multiple chemical/drug dependencies. Studies have shown that ibogaine drug treatment reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Other studies show that ibogaine can be an effective alternative medicine for anxiety and reduce the symptoms of other behavioral disorders. If you’d like to learn more about ibogaine detox, contact Beond’s ibogaine treatment facility today. Our highly-qualified staff members will help you plan your visit and create a personalized treatment plan built on the positive properties of iboga.

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