Beond Ibogaine-Assisted Treatment: Intake Process

The client intake process for Beond Ibogaine-assisted treatment is designed to be simple and demonstrative of our core values of safety, privacy, understanding and effective administration of psychedelic assisted treatment for a range of client needs.

The team of professionals at Beond perceive our clients as partners at every phase of our program including our process of confidential evaluation, admission and intake. 

This process involves several steps to ensure that each prospective client is a good fit for the program and that they have a comprehensive understanding of what the program entails.

Inquiry: First, prospective clients are encouraged to complete an inquiry form on the Beond website or to contact the facility directly. This allows Beond's professional staff to gather basic information about the prospective client, such as their name, contact information, and reason for seeking treatment.

Evaluation: Once the inquiry form is completed, a complimentary video consultation is arranged with Beond's professional staff to ensure that the prospective client has a complete and exhaustive understanding of Beond's Ibogaine-assisted treatment program. During this consultation, the staff will also seek to gain a thorough understanding of the prospective client's background, situation, and treatment objectives.

Following the video consultation, the client will be asked to complete a comprehensive health history questionnaire to provide detailed information about their health history. This information is reviewed by Beond's physicians and professional medical team and psychotherapeutic-coaching team to ensure that the client is a good candidate for the treatment program and that any potential health concerns are addressed.

Medical Interview: If necessary, a follow-up call with Beond's team of career medical professionals may be arranged to further evaluate the client's medical history and ensure that the treatment program is appropriate for their needs.

Administrative & Scheduling Details: Once the client is deemed a good fit for the program, they will be invited to select their preferred date of commencement for the treatment program. At this point, the client will receive a proposal outlining the program's cost and terms, and they will be required to endorse a financial agreement and make a 50% deposit to secure their spot.

Travel: Finally, logistical planning will take place, including the client's planning of travel and detailed scheduling of the safe, secure, comfortable ground transportation to Beond from the Cancun International Airport.

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