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Beond Ibogaine Detox & Treatment Exists to End Suffering from Addiction & Trauma. Faster. Safer & Forever.

Please speak to our expert team about how Beond’s ibogaine clinic in Mexico combines the power of ibogaine, our proprietary safety protocols, and best-in-class behavioral therapies delivered by licensed credentialed Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Registered Nurses, Mental Health Counselors and Preparation & Integration Coaches.

At Beond we believe that ending the addiction epidemic is essential.

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Beond Ibogaine offers Mood &  Trauma Treatment Programs and Ibogaine Drug Treatment Programs to  rapidly deliver exceptional results — to end addiction & long-term suffering from trauma, depression and PTSD.

The Beond 5-Phase treatment protocol "Insight Oriented Ibogaine" typically includes treatments using ibogaine for anxiety and other common behavioral conditions. It represents an innovative and effective path to profound transformational life change for people struggling with chemical dependency, substance abuse and other behavioral conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. Ibogaine for depression and ibogaine for PTSD are effective alternative treatments for people for whom conventional treatments have not been effective.

Trauma affects our actions and outlook on life, leading to severely self-destructive behaviors, as well as, addiction to opiates, alcohol, prescription medications, and other substances, but it doesn't have to be a death sentence.

Beond's Mexico-based centers incorporates advanced medical expertise, ibogaine, and behavioral therapy to immediately relieve suffering, rapidly detoxify, and provide access to clarity, purpose, and a life that extends past shame, grief, addiction, and fear.

Please speak with the professional Client Care team at Beond today. Ask about our commitment to fair pricing.

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Beond combines  scientific, safer, medical practices with ibogaine-assisted therapy for rapid Detox and Rehabilitation —with 100% results.

Every client. Every time.

Our Mexico-based clinical team at Beond is led by highly experienced medical doctors, addiction specialists, licensed psychotherapists, coaches, and guides.

Our certified, on-site and remote-staffed coaches are available 24 hours a day to support the preparation and long-term integration for our clients and their families.

"Insight Oriented Ibogaine" works.
We know. We have done it.

Our 5-phase care continuum integrates psychotherapeutic preparation, in depth pre-treatment, medically assisted treatment, and robust post-treatment integration processes.

Beond’s methods are medically facilitated and focused on the use of ibogaine for alcoholism, ibogaine for opiate addiction and other chemical dependencies or mood disorders. Treatment involves rapid detoxification and radical processing of core traumas at the root of the addiction to opiates, alcohol, prescription medications, opiate replacement medications, and other self-destructive behaviors. This is how Beond uniquely delivers 100% results every time.

(Our client coordinators will proudly introduce you to our past clients or their families to confidentially describe the experiences at Beond and their success.)

Beond has developed proprietary safety protocols to utilize ibogaine to rapidly heal the lasting and vast symptoms of addiction and trauma.

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We know that safety is the foundation of all healing — especially with Ibogaine.

Our proprietary safety protocols were developed and refined by our career professional medical staff, and clinically supervised by Dr. Felipe Malacara, M.D. We bring over 45 years of combined professional experience in the safest, most effective, and enduring treatment of addiction with a combination of psychedelic plant medicine, behavioral therapy, and advanced medical technologies.

Our modern premium treatment facilities in Mexico are equipped with state-of-the-art bedside cardiac monitors (oscilloscope) to provide a continuous display of not only our client's ECG, which includes heart rate and rhythm, but also oxygen saturation (SpO2) for increased care and safety.

Our team focuses on 4 crucial dimensions of safety: medical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Our world-renowned ibogaine treatment team has successfully treated thousands of clients.

OUR proprietary ADDiction treatment PROCESS

What to Expect

Our continuum of care begins with our first introduction and never ends.

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Preparation &  Integration

Proper preparation ensures the longevity of your healing. Beond counselors and integrations coaches conduct at least two 1:1 confidential sessions to assess your situation and design a pre-treatment plan that prepares your body, mind, and spirit for optimal ibogaine therapy.

Our coaches are available to clients 24 hours a day via our telemedicine platform.

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Therapy & Treatment

Led by your physician, supported by our ICU certified nursing and psychology staff, your ibogaine treatment takes place on-site through an effective combination of psychedelic plant medicine, 1:1 counseling, IV therapies, and advanced medical technologies.

Beond combines experiences of self-discovery and exploration with breath-work, bodywork, nutrition, meditation, and deep relaxation practices.

Continuous Aftercare

The key to lasting healing from addiction is continuous aftercare. Your certified Beond ibogaine integration coaches engage remotely before departure and continue your healing through continuous counseling, education,
and support after your return home.

Beond integration coaching is available for extended family & loved ones in any location.

Our values

Committed to values in service of healing on a global scale.

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Beond is fully committed to a robust of set of values that include a Client Bill of Rights and enthusiastic endorsement of the North Star pledge.

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We dedicate substantial financial support of organizations and individuals dedicated to the equitable continuous development of Gabon's heritage through Blessings of the Forest.

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We wholeheartedly advocate for psychedelic research for mass mental health with MAPS. We support organizations fighting for access to psychedelic therapies to help treat PTSD and end the suicide crisis affecting Military Veterans.

Meet the most experienced treatment TEAM in the world

With over 80 years of collective experience with Ibogaine-assisted treatment...
We are Beond addiction

Dr. Felipe Malacara, M.D.

Dr. Felipe Malacara, M.D.

Based in Mexico, Dr. Felipe Malacara M.D., is a general practice physician who received his medical degree from Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico City. He has a Masters's Degree in Education, specializing in Teaching and Scholastics for College and Higher Education. (La Salle University, Pachuca, Cancun.) With over 17 years of direct treatment experience at Clear Sky Recovery, Dr. Malacara has extensive expertise with ibogaine treatment for drug-dependent individuals.

He served as Attending Physician at Clear Sky Recovery ibogaine treatment facility for over 15 years, where he supervised all clinical operations and medical staff and has treated over 1200 patients with ibogaine. Felipe has served as Medical Coordinator of Emergency Medical Services at Cancun International Airport between 2004-2007 and 2010-2013.

Based in Mexico, Dr. Malacara, M.D. serves as the Clinical Director of Beond.

Dr. Joseph Barsuglia, PhD. Advisor

Dr. Joseph Barsuglia, PhD. Advisor

Dr. Joseph Barsuglia is a clinical and research psychologist, and an advisor in psychedelic medicine and alternative healthcare. His mission is to create safe and sacred settings for working with psychedelic/earth medicines for healing and spiritual awakening. His expertise is working with ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT.

He served as the Director of Research and CEO at Crossroads Treatment Center in Mexico, a psychedelic treatment center. In this role, Joseph presented the first and largest observational research on 5-MeO-DMT and ibogaine, novel brain imaging data, and developed guidelines for the administration of 5-MeO-DMT.Joseph recently worked as a co-investigator in phase 2 clinical trials of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD sponsored by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) in Los Angeles.

His research is published in multiple peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Barsulgia, PhD serves as the lead advisor on research and development of procedures and protocols for the treatment of trauma at Beond.

Deborah C. Mash, PhD - Scientific Advisor

Deborah C. Mash, PhD - Scientific Advisor

Deborah Mash is Professor of Neurology (Emeritus) and Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology at the University of Miami School of Medicine. She has held uninterrupted NIH funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse for over twenty-five years. She is one of the world’s foremost scientific experts on the anti-addiction drug ibogaine and she is credited with the discovery of the active metabolite of ibogaine – noribogaine. She first obtained clinical trial approval by the FDA in 1993 for an investigator initiated clinical Phase I safety and pharmacokinetic study of ibogaine in the USA. In 1996, she founded and directed Novoneuron Inc. to advance research and development of ibogaine and noribogaine. From 1996-2005, she conducted offshore research and clinical development studies at a substance abuse treatment center in St. Kitts WI to support medication development of ibogaine for opioid and other substance abuse disorders. In 2010, she founded DemeRx with Steve Gorlin to advance clinical development of the metabolite of ibogaine – noribogaine. Deborah served as Director and Chief Scientific Officer at DemeRx, Inc. from 2010 to 2013. She took over the leadership of DemeRx at the end of July 2017, bringing together new management with strategic vision.

Dr. Thomas Kingsley Brown, PhD, Advisor

Dr. Thomas Kingsley Brown, PhD, Advisor

Dr. Thomas Kingsley Brown has been researching, writing about, and speaking about ibogaine treatment for substance dependence since 2009, when he interviewed patients at a treatment center in Baja California, Mexico to learn about their experiences. With funding from MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) he then conducted a Mexico-based study of outcomes for people receiving ibogaine-assisted treatment for opioid dependence. He has published a review article on ibogaine treatment (Current Drug Abuse Reviews, 2013), an article on the results of the research study (T.K. Brown and K. Alper, American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 2017) and an article on the therapeutic role of the altered states elicited by ibogaine (T.K. Brown, G.E. Noller, and J.O. Denenberg, J. Psychedelic Studies, 2019). He has been an invited speaker at several conferences, including the National Harm Reduction Conference (USA), Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics (New York City), the European Ibogaine Conference (Wien), TEDx Venice Beach, the annual conference of the American Association of Addiction Psychiatry, and the 2018 Colloquium on Psychedelic Psychiatry (Stockholm). Dr. Brown's academic training is in chemistry (B.S., University of Pittsburgh; M.S., California Institute of Technology) and anthropology (Ph.D., UC San Diego).

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Our Team

Scott Gagel, PA-C

Scott Gagel, PA-C

VP of Clinical Operations

Scott brings a multifaceted background to Beond. As a board-certified Physician Associate Scott spent the last 25 years as a clinician in the Louisville, KY area of the US, mainly in Emergency Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery. He left clinical practice after receiving a cancer diagnosis in 2016 and moved to Ireland for 2 years, where he emerged with a new passion for integrative healing, particularly plant-based medicines on top of his very early career background as a massage therapist, fitness trainer and entrepreneur. He has spent the last several years immersing himself in the research and application of therapeutic uses of psychedelic substances, while treating patients with IV Ketamine for depression, PTSD, anxiety and chronic pain. He will help to oversee the clinical application of ibogaine, ketamine, psilocybin and other psychedelic substances at Beond, while simultaneously fostering the growth of the company across the globe. He is adamant that these omnipotent substances can not only heal the wounded citizens of our world, but can also be utilized to advance human consciousness and take our psycho-spiritual evolution to a higher level. His passions outside of work include aviation, mycology and reveling in nature.

Rod Paulsen, MD

Rod Paulsen, MD

Rod majored in neuroscience at NYU where he studied the mind through the lens of psychoactive substance. Rod became a research assistant at the NYU Psilocybin Project, which convinced him to pursue a career in psychiatry. He received his masters in biomedical sciences at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, and did his thesis in the lab of Dr. Scott Edwards on the neurobiology of hyperalgesia during opioid withdrawal. He then continued on for medical school at LSU in New Orleans, during which he served as a night sitter on MAPS’ trial of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD, and hung around the Nichols lab to learn about the anti-inflammatory effects of serotonergic psychedelics. Rod plans to start residency in psychiatry in the summer of 2022 in Los Angeles.

Vianey Ariadna Perez, RN Vice President of Clinical Operations

Vianey Ariadna Perez, RN Vice President of Clinical Operations

Vianey has been part of a medical team overseeing hundreds of client ibogaine experiences.

Born in Tamaulipas, Mexico and raised in Atlanta, GA. Vianey graduated and received her BSN from a private nursing university. Vianey initially worked in the General Hospital of Cancun carrying out RN duties in the E.R , I.C.U, NICU, Pediatrics, OBGYN-delivery and also Internal Medicine. Vianey joined Clear Sky Recovery in 2018, where she cared for and treated over 500+ clients with ibogaine to help interrupt addiction, substance abuse and heal psychological disorders. 

Brandon Garcia, Clinical Psychologist

Brandon Garcia, Clinical Psychologist

Brandon has a degree in Psychology with a specialty in Transpersonal Psychology and Human Development. Certified as a Clinical Professional in the treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders (CCPT-II/III), as well as a Holoscopic Breathwork Practitioner, Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor, Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Practitioner, Neuro-Agility and High Achiever Emotional intelligence Practitioner and Fundamentals of Positive Psychology.

Brandon is currently being certified in Gabor Maté's Compassionate Inquiry program and the Grof Legacy Training's Holotropic Breathwork and he is certified as an interpreter of archetypal patterns by ASSISI Institute. He is a professional active member of the Consejo Mexicano de Neurociencias A.C. Brandon collaborates closely with Smart Brain Insights and NeuroLink as a partner which focuses on the power of neuroplasticity, brain agility, emotional intelligence & resilience.

Dr. Eduardo Ramirez, M.D.

Dr. Eduardo Ramirez, M.D.

Dr. Ramirez is a licensed emergency medicine doctor since 2013 after graduating from Guadalajara University. He has extensive experience with ibogaine-assisted treatment. Dr. Ramirez worked as an air ambulance doctor and in emergency rooms at the most respected private hospitals in Cancun before starting his own private practice in concierge medicine.

Antonio Aguirre Ríos, Clinical Psychologist

Antonio Aguirre Ríos, Clinical Psychologist

Antonio has been a psychologist for 13 years working with affective disorders and substance use disorders. He has been trained in brief-strategic therapy, as well as the psychodynamic therapy model.

Antonio has worked with several government agencies, universities and N.G.O based mental health and social education projects in Mexico City, Playa del Carmen and Cancun.

He received his psychology degree from Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla. His training in psychotherapy on brief-strategic therapy is from the Milton Erickson Institute of Mexico City and his psychodynamic psychotherapy training is from Universidad La Salle Cancún. He received a Masters in Social Sciences from Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain.

Along with his full time clinical practice at Beond, he also dedicates himself to teaching in different universities.

Dr. Rob Palmer, M.D. Research Advisor and Mindfulness Coach

Dr. Rob Palmer, M.D. Research Advisor and Mindfulness Coach

Dr. Rob Palmer is a graduate from the Yale School of Medicine, where he conducts research on mindfulness meditation for substance use, ADHD, and self-compassion. In addition, Rob has been involved in psychedelic research for several years, including projects involving ayahuasca, ibogaine, 5-MeO-DMT, and ketamine. He’s long been drawn to the intersection of various disciplines, such as psychedelics, psychotherapy, and somatic practices, and delights in exploring how to pioneer integrative treatments. Rob has also had a personal meditation practice for the past fourteen years and has facilitated meditation groups at Yale for the past five years. In his meditation groups for Beond, Rob will draw upon mindfulness, self-compassion, and Internal Family Systems therapy to help participants gain a deeper awareness of their bodies and minds so that they can more harmoniously and lovingly tend to and integrate the various parts of their personality as they continue their journeys.

Jennifer Zuckerman, RN, MSN, NP-BC ANCC

Jennifer Zuckerman, RN, MSN, NP-BC ANCC

Jennifer Zuckerman is a US based, Nurse Practitioner who supports individuals in transitioning from pharmaceutical medications using a more holistic approach with plant medicine alternatives, preparing them for psychedelic assisted therapy and post care integration support.

Jenn received her nursing degree from Rush University and her Masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner from DePaul University in 2013. She first worked as an RN with Traumatic Brain Injured patients in an Acute Rehab Setting and then practiced Medical-Surgical nursing. Her experience as an NP is in Internal Medicine. Jenn is also a certified microdosing coach.

Jenn is most passionate about guiding individuals in their process of reconnecting to their highest selves and their own inner compass.

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Preparation &  Integration Coaches

Jennifer Bruce

Jennifer’s journey through 18 years of acute addiction and over eight years of recovery has provided her with the insight, compassion, and experience needed to understand what it takes to overcome the impossible. Jennifer considers her addiction experience to be the greatest gift of her life, as it is because of her addiction, her life is so rich and meaningful. Her greatest joy is to help others experience this freedom.

Jennifer uses a ‘three-legged stool’ approach where psycho-social, spiritual, and biochemical healing are addressed to create a strong foundation for long-term success. When all three legs are in place, it is easy to sit and difficult to tip over. When you remove one or two of the ‘legs,’ it makes for a shakier experience and requires great effort to stay upright. Jennifer dives deeply into therapeutic nutrition and lifestyle medicine to heal the body and free the mind. Each recovery journey is client-driven and is as unique as their fingerprint. Jennifer enjoys the freedom coaching allows addressing each individual’s unique requirements to heal, rather than meeting industry-driven ideals. Over the years, through one-on-one and group settings, Jennifer has had the opportunity to serve hundreds of people whose lives have been affected by addiction and other traumatic experiences. Jennifer is a mother of one young daughter and lives on the redwood coast of Northern California. She enjoys yoga, music, cooking, working, learning, and international adventures in faraway lands.

Anne Frank

Spiritually guided to take the deep dive into transformational work, Anne transformed and healed early-life trauma. In addition to childhood sexual abuse, emotional neglect, school/home bullying, guilt, and shame programming, she deeply understood the dynamics of a 20-year eating disorder, which she overcame at 35. Transformational Coaching is for those interested in aligning with their highest vision of who they are. By exploring our inner landscape and shadows, transformational self-alignment practices, and integration of life’s most challenging lessons, we learn to lighten our load and breathe purpose and meaning into our daily experiences. Many tools, including entheogenic substances such as ibogaine, point us in the direction of our authentic self, heart, and mind, but WE are the TRUE medicine we are searching for to create healing and balance in our lives. Transformational Coaching is centered on practices and strategies to initiate inner dialogue, create positive life change, and maintain life balance to enable clients to become the greatest version of themselves.

Noah Howell

"Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It's the complete eradication of everything we IMAGINED to be true." -Adyashanti- 

Noah’s commitment as a coach is to deeply support your journey wherever you are, on the road to recovery, self-discovery, healing, and the awakening process. Noah offers a safe space free of judgment to allow whatever aspects and inner parts of the self that have been ignored and neglected to come to light and receive love and compassion they have yet to experience. The path he has taken has brought him to some simple and powerful tools for inner work and exploration. Noah works with clients using tools to investigate beliefs, find deeper truths, and realize through the stories we tell that we are co-creators in this amazing universe. With "parts work" and somatic exercises, there is an opportunity to look inward, find where we've been storing our hurt, and see the ways we've protected and isolated ourselves, allowing the release of old patterns that no longer serve. Noah’s overall mission as a coach is to guide you to find your path, discover your gifts, remember who you truly are on the deepest level, and show up for yourself and others in loving new ways as the beautiful whole human you are.

Lori Losch

Lori believes that those struggling with addiction and mental health challenges are beautifully sensitive, epically courageous, and wildly creative souls with very bright futures. She helps her clients remember who they truly are apart from their current state of suffering, helps them discover what they want to become, and provides accountability for incremental changes so clients can create lives they love living. Lori is a lifelong truth-seeker, wellness advocate, best-selling author, and adventure enthusiast who brings decades of experience in addiction recovery, emotional wellbeing, and psychedelic integration coaching. Ibogaine holds a special place in her heart as it launched her into a deep dive for personal healing. Ayahuasca, ketamine, psilocybin, and 5-MeO-DMT are also medicines she knows well and helps clients prep/integrate. Her focus areas are healing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, alcoholism, and consumerism. Coaching clients from survival to soul-thrival is her honor and privilege.

Sohan Ko

Sohan has worked with plant medicines for almost two decades and has extensive experience coaching people through iboga ceremonies and ibogaine treatment. She has also had many profound and transformational experiences in her personal healing work with iboga. She mentored under a medical doctor in Africa, supporting clients using ibogaine to treat addictions and PTSD, and continued assisting in journeys and coaching around this medicine. She has seen incredible results from ibogaine paired with ongoing integration coaching. Sohan listens deeply with an open heart and assists her clients on their recovery and transitional journeys with insights and techniques from different traditions. She has a strong experience in helping others prepare for plant medicine treatment, to help them integrate experiences into their lives, and get grounded in their spiritual awakenings. She is committed to walking her clients through all the obstacles on their path of recovery, transformation, and growth with humbleness and compassion. She applies mindfulness and awareness meditation practice into her everyday life and has been a practitioner of Shambhala meditation since 2001. Sohan believes that our minds create our reality, and by seeing through to the true nature of mind, we can obtain inner peace and clarity and connect with our authentic presence. She holds a Master’s Degree in Literature and an associate certificate in Mental Health and Addictions. She is a writer, artist, musician-songwriter, and mother of two sons. She loves nature and feels profoundly connected to the earth.

Danielle Shillcock

Danielle is exceptionally gifted at finding the gold in the shadow through deep listening. She is an experienced and skilled Being True To You certified coach; even short conversations can unearth unexpected gems of insight and shifts in perspective and behavior. Her passion is in supporting others to find resolution and healing from early and current painful experiences, often reversing multigenerational patterns. She focuses on helping clients make sense of their internal contradictions and challenges and connecting to their innate wisdom and inherent health. Danielle brings what she has harvested through decades of personal transformation work and experiential learning into her unique way of supporting clients on their journeys of self-discovery. She is a lifelong student in a substantial array of trauma-informed practices, including communication and relationship-building skills, relational and developmental psychology, neurobiology, parts work, Somatic Experiencing, and other embodiment practices.

Tyler Fink

Tyler battled his way through a ten-year opiate addiction before reconnecting with his true self and facing his shadow. Through his transformation process, Tyler found solace and reinforcement through surfing, yoga, meditation, and alternative spiritual modalities to reconstruct his perspective on life. Through his 10-year struggle with IV heroin use, he realized everyone experiences some kind of trauma. Everyone has experienced pain in one form or the other. Our context and perspective on the struggle can empower us to use our hardships not as a negative but as a positive component to move forward. We can be a powerful influence on ourselves and the people around us.

Tyler has a deep passion for psychology and our individual perspectives on life. He graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Tyler also spent a couple of years working with two different ibogaine centers facilitating preparation and integration through Ibogaine treatment for addiction and PTSD. In addition, he has worked with many families around the fears and apprehensions of sending their loved ones to partake in such a powerful treatment for addiction and personal growth.

Tisana Scanlan

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” Rumi – 13th Century Persian poet and Sufi mystic.

As a certified Being True To You coach and guide, Tisana reflects, motivates and empowers you to be the best that you can be in this moment. She will mirror back to you with honesty, kindness, and compassion. She has found baby steps and achievable goals to be key components to building a foundation of self-worth and a true sense of self – to reach a new level of consciousness and awareness, live life fully, create authentic relationships, and feel comfortable in your own skin. Imagine a life of joy, laughter, healthy relationships, a focused mind, an open heart full of gratitude, and a sense that there is a place for you in this world – that your voice and feelings matter! This can be your reality. 

Few enter sobriety gracefully, so having an ally and a coach on your team can make a world of difference. Tisana’s recovery from 25 years of alcohol and drug abuse has consisted of many modalities, including yoga, AA & The 12 Steps, psychedelic assisted therapy and much more.

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Adjunct Therapists

Gretka Milkovic


As a certified RYT200 Vinyasa Yoga teacher, Gretka has a deep passion for her practice and sharing the knowledge of its benefits with her students. Her classes focus on bringing mindfulness to the body and mind through soft movement and meditation, rooting into the present moment. Each yoga class is followed by a reflective open discussion and healing Mantra singing. Gertka’s classes welcome long-term practitioners and first-timers alike. She attentively makes appropriate modifications and adjustments to fit each person’s needs, ensuring that everyone leaves her class feeling nourished and at peace.

Kevin Martin

Meditation; Mindfulness

Kevin specializes in working with subtle energy and selected mindfulness practices that promote clarity of mind and the intuitive knowledge of self-healing. His guidance invites a deep state of relaxation and energetical alignment, allowing one to access their true intentions and self-potential. Taking his students on a journey of self-exploration, Kevin uses stillness and light mindful movement to combine the power of silent introspection with guided, insightful discussion.

Julia Ruth Morton

Energy Healing

Julia works with Source energy, the highest frequency of light. Her approach treats a wide range of illnesses and resolves deep emotional and mental barriers to activate what is dormant and assist on the path of awakening. Julia cultivates powerful energy of Source light that supports releasing and transforming wounds, traumas, conditioning, separation, and shadows while opening the heart to divine love. As an Energy Healer and Educator, Julia takes a holistic approach to balance and healing the whole self. Her work seeks to usher in harmony, alignment, and access to true authenticity. Traveling worldwide, Julia has treated her clients with chronic pain, undiagnosed illnesses, depression, addictions, and stress reduction. She also educates other practitioners on this method.

Jenifer McGuinness

Massage Therapy

Jenifer's unique expertise is a blend of ten years as a critical care nurse specializing in trauma in top hospitals and burn units and her passion for facilitating healing in others. Hers is a rare understanding of deep trauma's effects on her patients and their loved ones, which subsequently narrowed her focus to heal patients with more holistic therapy practices. Accredited by the American Massage Therapy Association, Jenifer is certified in teaching Yoga and Thai massage. As a result, Jenifer has developed a unique perspective on the relationship between the human body, mind, and spirit. She uses various therapeutic practices, including craniosacral, deep tissue, and myofascial release, to tailor her holistic approach to bodywork to each patient's specific physical and emotional needs. Her goal with each client is to help remove restrictions in their system to improve overall function and provide her patients with tools that empower them to continue the work of healing throughout their lives

Sara Di Blasio and Damian Sansoni

Aquatic Therapy

Damian has been devoted to helping people reconnect and understand their relationship with water and healing through movement. Sara has been teaching yoga and meditation and hosting healing retreats with her project, Boharetreat. They now work as a duo, merging their passions and fields of expertise into one unit: Aquatic Therapy. Aquatic Therapy, or Water Dance, is a dynamic movement therapy above and below water, guided through massages, stretches, flexions-extensions, snake rhythms, and dolphin-like movements, allowing deep states of relaxation and meditation.

Geraldine Samperio

Energy Medicine

Trained as a biologist, Geraldine has been practicing energy medicine specializing in Radionic and Bioresonance since 2012. Driven by her deep belief in the body’s intrinsic ability to heal, Geraldine’s non-invasive healing therapy works by reducing stress while identifying and treating the underlying causes of many chronic and degenerative diseases. In addition, Geraldine is a certified Master of the Avatar Training, which enables people to rediscover their true selves and align their consciousness with their life goals.

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