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Beond Ibogaine is a treatment center that offers ibogaine-assisted therapy for individuals struggling with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Please note: The clinical guidelines and client-guest requirements are identical for all Beond programs.

Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance that is derived from the iboga plant, which is native to parts of Africa. This treatment approach is based on the premise that ibogaine assisted therapy can help heal deep rooted belief systems and trauma while providing a physiological reset, giving individuals the opportunity to achieve lasting recovery.

The program for treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD includes a range of supportive services that are designed to help individuals address the underlying causes of their mental health challenges.

One of the key features of this program is the introduction of therapeutic workshops, which provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their recovery goals and develop strategies to maintain their mental health over the long term. These workshops are tailored to the specific needs of each client, and may include cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, or other evidence-based practices.

In addition to the therapeutic workshops, the program includes psychotherapeutic support to help individuals address any underlying emotional or psychological issues that may be contributing to their mental health challenges. Ongoing integration support is also available to help individuals integrate their experiences during ibogaine therapy and maintain their progress towards recovery.

Finally, the program includes long-term coaching for continuous support for both clients and family members seeking support. This coaching provides ongoing guidance, encouragement, and motivation to help individuals maintain their mental health and navigate the challenges of recovery over the long term.

The Beond Mood & Trauma Ibogaine program includes several components, including:

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Pre-treatment assessment:

Before undergoing ibogaine therapy, individuals undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine their physical and mental health status. This assessment helps to determine whether ibogaine therapy is appropriate for each individual.

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Ibogaine therapy can be potentially dangerous, and requires careful medical supervision to ensure safety. At Beond Ibogaine, individuals are closely monitored by medical professionals throughout the entire treatment process. EKG’s and lab work take place onsite during arrival to confirm medical viability. Please note the clinical guidelines and client-guest policies for participation are identical in all Beond programs.

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Ibogaine therapy:

Ibogaine therapy typically involves a single, large dose of the substance, which is taken under medical supervision. The effects of ibogaine can last for up to 24 hours, during which time individuals may experience intense hallucinations, introspection, and emotional processing. Possible booster doses provided if doctor approved.

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and support:

Following ibogaine therapy, individuals receive ongoing counseling and support to help them integrate their experiences and maintain lasting recovery. This includes individual counseling, group therapy, and virtual alumni therapy and mindfulness support groups.

In summary, the Beond Ibogaine program for treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD is designed to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to mental health recovery that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery. Through a range of supportive services, including therapeutic workshops, psychotherapeutic support, and ongoing coaching and support, individuals can achieve lasting recovery and improve their overall well-being.

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