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Are you looking for trustworthy, medically-sound providers of ibogaine in Mexico? Whether you’ve searched for the best ibogaine treatment centers in the Yucatan Peninsula or the best Baja ibogaine center, it’s worth traveling to find the best ibogaine clinic for your needs. With its highly-qualified, medically-certified staff and healing-centered therapy programs, Cancun-based clinic, Beond, aims to provide the best ibogaine treatment not only in Mexico but in the entire world. Even if you’ve searched unsuccessfully for Baja ibogaine or the best ibogaine centers in Mexico City, Beond will make your trip to Cancun worth it with a hands-on, individualized treatment protocol and an assortment of programs designed to treat conditions from drug addiction to anxiety disorders.

Not only does Beond utilize cutting-edge ibogaine treatments for psychedelic-assisted therapy, but the clinic also puts clients’ safety first with proprietary safety protocols and a staff full of board-certified physicians, registered nurses, and experts on mental health and psychology. The clinic also features experts in other fields to aid in clients’ treatment and recovery, including nutritionists and instructors for meditation, movement, fitness, and other relaxing therapies. With so many options, clients won’t have to worry about choosing the right ones, since every individual at Beond will work with the clinic’s client care team to set a customized treatment plan for their 1-2 weeks at the facility.

With so many of the best options for alternative therapies available to clients, Beond is able to demonstrate why it is considered the best ibogaine treatment center in the world. Beond directs all its efforts towards creating an unforgettable healing experience for everyone interested in trying something new to overcome dependencies and harmful mental patterns leading to dissatisfaction with life. Contact Beond today to learn more about everything the clinic has to offer.

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Our Locations

Yucatan Peninsula I
Yucatan Peninsula II
Cabo San Lucas (Opening 2023)
Todos Santos (Opening 2023)
Mexico City (Opening 2023)


What to Expect

Our continuum of care begins with our first introduction and never ends.

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Preparation &  Integration

Proper preparation ensures the longevity of your healing. Beond counselors and integrations coaches conduct at least two 1:1 confidential sessions to assess your situation and design a pre-treatment plan that prepares your body, mind and spirit for optimal therapy.

Our coaches are available to clients 24 hours a day via our tele-medicine platform.

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Therapy & Treatment

Led by your physician, supported by our certified nursing and psychology staff, your treatment takes place on-site through a safe and effective combination of psychedelic plant medicine, 1:1 counseling, and advanced medical technologies.

Beond combines experiences of self discovery and exploration with breath work, bodywork, nutrition, meditation and deep relaxation practices.

Continuous Aftercare

The key to lasting transformation is continuous aftercare. Your certified Beond integration coaches engage remotely before departure and continue your healing through continuous counseling, education, and support after your return home.

Beond integration coaching is available for extended family & loved ones in any location.