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Beond Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico

The Beond medical team has decades of experience successfully treating thousands of people (and their families) seeking to end addiction with ibogaine treatment for alcoholism and addictions to fentanyl, opiates, stimulants, and Suboxone, along with other self-destructive behaviors and underlying mood disorders including severe Depression, Anxiety and Trauma.

Beond offers ibogaine for alcoholism, ibogaine for depression, ibogaine for anxiety, and ibogaine for PTSD. These treatments are rapidly and enduringly effective for most kinds of substance addictions and many mental health conditions. 

Besides our world class addiction medicine experts, our therapy team understands and effectively treats mood disorders for many clients and families. Find out how, please speak with our experts today!

Please read about the success of ibogaine for opioid addiction treatment in this study by Beond team member Dr. Thomas Kingsley Brown, Phd.

Our medical doctors, board-certified addiction medicine specialists, emergency medicine specialists, licensed psychologists and preparation and integration therapeutic coaches utilize Beond proprietary safety protocols to deliver rapid pain-free detoxification, and guide our client's achievement of lasting recovery, and enduring change.

Beond is 100% committed to making compassionate, medical, psychotherapeutic Ibogaine-assisted Detox & Rehabilitation accessible and affordable for everyone with fair pricing policies. (Please see link above for details.)

In 2022 Beond introduced the "Reset Programs" that are purpose designed for clients who are not experiencing chemical dependency, severe depression, anxiety or PTSD yet are seeking to utilize ibogaine-assisted therapies to fundamentally re-establish new, healthy relationships with digital media, devices, food, and/or relationships that no longer serve us in beneficial ways.

About us

Medical Ibogaine Treatment Works. We know, because we've done it.In the time that it takes you to review this information, one more person tragically died of an opioid overdose.

Beond has developed treatments using ibogaine for opiate addiction and exists to urgently help end the opiate epidemic in the U.S and around the world.

Everyone deserves accessible & affordable care from Physicians who've done Ibogaine & recovered themselves.

Beond provides 24/7 dedicated aftercare support to help you fully leverage the results of our innovative approach to accelerating your detoxification & path to lasting recovery.

Start today. Rapid painless detox & guaranteed recovery. This is Beond.

Beond combines the power of psychedelic plant medicine with best-in-class behavioral therapies to rapidly interrupt opiate dependency, treat alcohol use disorder, and stop addiction to prescription medications, opioid replacement medications, and more.

Many Beond clients don't have chemical dependencies but come to heal general trauma, anxiety, or behavioral addictions. For these guests, Beond provides profoundly effective alternative medicine for anxiety and other challenges. Please see our video testimonials or ask to speak with our past clients directly and confidentially.

Beond's Mexico-based centers use the most advanced combination of proprietary safety treatment protocols, medical expertise & technologies combined with ibogaine-assisted therapies to stop long term suffering — rapidly, safely, and with exceptionally enduring results.

About us
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Start now at home — a painless, rapid detox — with Beond to end your opioid or alcohol addiction today. Forever.

Eliminating all painful symptoms of withdrawal is only one part of Beond's proprietary approach to ibogaine-assisted treatment.

This techniques help all clients (and their families) start immediately and move forward fast — free from addiction to opioids, Suboxone or Methadone, Alcohol, Stimulants, or other severely self-destructive behaviors.

Our therapists and certified coaches remain engaged with you to deliver lasting after-care to build recovery resilience, uncover a new deep sense of purpose and create renewed connections with your authentic self & loved ones.

About us
Person on addiction treatment

You deserve superior ibogaine-assisted Detox & Rehabilitation. You deserve to be 100% free of chemical dependency.

You deserve to go beyond addiction &  trauma.Please speak with us today!

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Beond's ibogaine expertise delivers 100% results.
Every person.
Every time.

About us

The experienced medical professionals at Beond offer advanced scientific ibogaine-assisted treatment for addiction and guaranteed results.

Speak with our dedicated client care coordinators to start from home today.

Our proprietary safety protocols for the ibogaine treatment process combine the power of psychedelic plant medicine with best-in-class behavioral therapy to rapidly and painlessly detoxify and reveal the parts of yourself eclipsed by ongoing substance addiction and suffering.

We recognize that there is an epidemic of opiate addiction that is wildly outpacing the capacity of conventional treatment methods.

You can be free from long-term addiction to opiates, alcohol, stimulants, or other self-destructive behaviors that prevent the life that you desire & deserve.

Without painful symptoms of post-acute withdrawal, your experience at Beond helps identify and release what is causing chemical dependency and long-term addiction.

Experience Beond today. Please speak to us today.

Addiction survivor
Person in a treatment process
Person in a treatment process

You're Not Alone

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ADDICTION survivor

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trauma survivor

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trauma survivor
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At 19, I was a college student prescribed opiates for pain management following a dental procedure. Just 1 year later I had become an IV heroin addict, withdrawn from the world and imprisoned in my own mind. The advanced addiction served to mask the pain of generational traumas. Beond helped me overcome my drug dependency without withdrawals and prepared me for a healing journey that has enabled me to remain free of all substances for more than 12 years. Today I am a high-functioning professional, living a balanced happy life as a dedicated parent and partner.

addiction survivor

Before Beond I was anxious, depressed, and addicted to work. Today I have a new life, a new awareness of the connection between all of us and all living things. My mind is calm, but I'm more alert than I can ever remember feeling. I'm at peace with myself and the world.

Trauma Survivor

While in my active addiction I couldn't see that the root cause of my suffering was early childhood trauma. After treatment, I could understand that the drugs and alcohol were my way of reducing the pain and suffering, and they continued to harm me. Beond helped me heal the trauma so I no longer needed drugs and alcohol to relieve me from the pain.

abuse survivor and addict
“Beond has the potential to play a major role in greatly reducing the number of fatal opiate overdoses and veteran suicides with the experienced administration of ibogaine therapy. By gathering together world-class doctors and providing ample preparation and support for their patients, Beond is doing important work to discover the best new ways to beneficially transform the lives of many people, families, and communities around the world."

Rick Doblin Ph.D.

Founder & Executive Director, MAPS

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