Beond Ibogaine Treatment:  Overview & FAQs

Substance Abuse, Behavioral Addiction & Mood Disorder Treatments at Beond: The Basics

What is Beond?

What conditions are treated at Beond?

How do Beond treatment programs work?

Is financial assistance available for Beond treatments.

Is Beond a residential treatment program?

Where is the Beond treatment center? How do I get there?

How long will I be at Beond?

How much does Beond treatment cost?

Are Beond clinicians licensed?

Is Beond treatment covered by insurance?

The Beond Treatment Experience

What happens before I arrive at Beond?

What happens at Beond before my ibogaine treatment day?

What happens on my ibogaine treatment day?

What happens after I go home?

How will I spend my free time while at the treatment center?

Where does Beond source its medicine?

How much Ibogaine will I take?

Can I be treated at Beond even if I have recently been using drugs?

Ibogaine and Ibogaine Therapy

Where does ibogaine come from?

How do I take ibogaine at Beond?

What does medical treatment with Ibogaine do?

What does the ibogaine psychedelic experience feel like?

Is Ibogaine dangerous? 

Is ibogaine legal?

How does ibogaine work for addiction?

What are some of the neurophysical mechanisms by which ibogaine works in the brain?

What are the risks and negative side effects of ibogaine?

Is ibogaine guaranteed to cure my addiction or other behavioral problem?

What risk factors might disqualify me from taking ibogaine?

How do I need to medically prepare for taking ibogaine?

Where can I find clinical guidelines and research studies that inform Beond’s ibogaine treatment approach?

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Our Locations

Yucatan Peninsula I
Yucatan Peninsula II
Cabo San Lucas (Opening 2023)
Todos Santos (Opening 2023)
Mexico City (Opening 2023)

Our process
What to Expect

Our continuum of care begins with our first introduction and never ends.

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Preparation &  Integration

Proper preparation ensures the longevity of your healing. Beond counselors and integrations coaches conduct at least two 1:1 confidential sessions to assess your situation and design a pre-treatment plan that prepares your body, mind and spirit for optimal therapy.

Our coaches are available to clients 24 hours a day via our tele-medicine platform.

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Therapy & Treatment

Led by your physician, supported by our certified nursing and psychology staff, your treatment takes place on-site through a safe and effective combination of psychedelic plant medicine, 1:1 counseling, and advanced medical technologies.

Beond combines experiences of self discovery and exploration with breath work, bodywork, nutrition, meditation and deep relaxation practices.

Continuous Aftercare

The key to lasting transformation is continuous aftercare. Your certified Beond integration coaches engage remotely before departure and continue your healing through continuous counseling, education, and support after your return home.

Beond integration coaching is available for extended family & loved ones in any location.