Beond Ibogaine: Process Overview

Beond Ibogaine is a comprehensive treatment program designed to help individuals overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery. The program is structured to provide a complete healing experience, starting with an orientation to ensure that the client has a complete understanding of what to expect during their visit to Beond.

Remote-accessed Preparation Phase:

The remote-accessed preparation phase is guided by a psychotherapeutic coach who will work with the client to create a personalized plan for their stay at Beond. This includes discussing the client's history, current concerns, and goals for treatment. The coach will also provide education on the ibogaine treatment process and assist in making travel arrangements to the Beond treatment center.

Onsite Pre-treatment Phase:

The onsite pre-treatment phase is overseen by licensed credential physicians and ICU-certified nurses who will conduct a medical assessment that includes EKG’s and lab work. If detox is needed, the medical team will supervise the process to ensure the client's safety and comfort. A psychotherapeutic coach supports the client's preparation process onsite through group and individual sessions. 

Ibogaine Treatment Phase:

The ibogaine treatment phase is supervised by Beond physicians and nurses using advanced cardiac care technology to monitor the client's vital signs and ensure their safety throughout the treatment process. The ibogaine treatment itself is a powerful psychedelic experience that is known to help individuals by providing insights and healing on a deep emotional and spiritual level. The Beond team will be there to support the client throughout the experience, ensuring their comfort and safety.

Acute Aftercare Phase:

The acute aftercare phase begins immediately after the ibogaine treatment and is focused on integrating the experience and developing a personalized aftercare plan. The Beond team will provide individual and group therapy sessions to help clients process the experience and develop strategies to help achieve predetermined client goals.

Long-term Aftercare Phase:

The long-term aftercare phase is an ongoing process that includes personalized support from a psychotherapeutic coach to help clients stay on track with their recovery goals after returning home. This may include regular check-ins, therapy sessions, and ongoing virtual alumni group support for any challenges that arise during the recovery process.

Overall, the Beond Ibogaine program is designed to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to treatment, combining cutting-edge medical care with psychedelic-assisted therapy and personalized aftercare support.

10-DAY  PROGRAM  Example

Remote-Accessed Preparation

  • Consultation
  • 2 remote coaching sessions with a therapist
  • Access to preparation materials via our app

On-site Immersion & Treatment

  • 1:1 therapeutic preparation + integration sessions
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Daily Massage and other adjunct therapies
  • Ibogaine primary doses
  • Supplementary doses (subject to medical approval)

Long Term Aftercare

  • 2 remote integration coaching sessions with therapist
  • Weekly virtual integration groups ongoing
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