#6 - Kerry Rhodes: The Supporter’s Role

January 24, 2023

Kerry Rhodes is a former NFL safety who played in the league for 9 years, first for the New York Jets and then for the Arizona Cardinals, until 2013. Today he is a musician, writer, director, producer, and actor, who hasn’t exactly shied away from talking about his own personal use of psychedelics and how they have changed his life for the better.

  • Kerry’s experiences with psychedelic medicine
  • the role psychedelics could have for folks in professional sports leagues
  • the role of the supporter: what does it look like to support a family member, a friend, a loved one through the ibogaine experience?
  • How to best support someone who is about to undergo an ibogaine treatment
  • The importance of preparation, integration, and community
  • advice for those in a supporter’s role

Why it’s important: Supporting a loved one through a traumatic period in their lives can be incredibly challenging, because it requires a level of surrender on the part of the supporter, too – a sense of trust in the process, and a willingness to let go of control. Kerry’s experience shows us how vital support from a loved one can be in taking the initial step to seek treatment, and how that support can allow a person to learn to trust the process, too.

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About the podcast

At our core, all humans are affected by trauma—it’s what we do with that trauma that can reshape our lives. In Root Medicine, author and journalist Amanda Siebert is joined by psychedelic researchers, trauma and addiction specialists, practitioners, patients, and parents as they unpack their understanding of and experiences with ibogaine, a potent drug derived from the West African shrub, iboga. It may be best known for its ability to interrupt opiate addiction, but there’s more to it than that: ibogaine can help us get to the root of our trauma so we can truly heal. As mental healthcare is slowly reshaped by psychedelic medicines, join Siebert for powerful conversations that provide listeners with knowledge for their own healing journey, and practitioners with cutting-edge information on the safe and effective use of ibogaine for trauma and addiction.

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