#9 - Kaia Roman: It Took the Garbage out of My Brain

March 17, 2023

Kaia Roman is a bestselling author, service-driven entrepreneur, intrepid biohacker, producer, investor and philanthropist living and working in Silicon Valley. Specializing in the fields of health, technology, and sustainability for 20 years, she has also been the marketing and PR muscle behind the launch of several businesses and organizations.

What we discuss:

  • Kaia’s role in the burgeoning psychedelic industry and what drives her to try different psychedelic medicines in a space where not all involved are interested in having a personal relationship with psychedelic drugs
  • Kaia’s relationship with biohacking, and how ibogaine fits into that relationship
  • The similarities and differences between Kaia’s experiences with iboga and ibogaine, including how its consumed, differences in dose, and set and setting, as well as the different levels of discomfort in these experiences
  • What it felt like for Kaia to meet herself as a four-year-old, and how that meeting led to a profound shift in safety, clarity, and authenticity for Kaia
  • The value of pre- and post-treatment integration coaching
  • How Kaia’s experience led to a sharp focus on her mission and how she can best serve

Why it’s important: Kaia’s experience with ibogaine might be outside of what you’ve come to relate to this drug. It illustrates that ibogaine can be used in more ways than helping us put an end to addictive behaviors – that it can help us connect with the parts of ourselves that feel unsafe and aid us in releasing our attachment to story lines that keep us small. It gives us an opportunity to upgrade.

Show notes

About the podcast

At our core, all humans are affected by trauma—it’s what we do with that trauma that can reshape our lives. In Root Medicine, author and journalist Amanda Siebert is joined by psychedelic researchers, trauma and addiction specialists, practitioners, patients, and parents as they unpack their understanding of and experiences with ibogaine, a potent drug derived from the West African shrub, iboga. It may be best known for its ability to interrupt opiate addiction, but there’s more to it than that: ibogaine can help us get to the root of our trauma so we can truly heal. As mental healthcare is slowly reshaped by psychedelic medicines, join Siebert for powerful conversations that provide listeners with knowledge for their own healing journey, and practitioners with cutting-edge information on the safe and effective use of ibogaine for trauma and addiction.

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