#7 - Brigit Ritchie: 56 Questions for Ibogaine

February 10, 2023

Brigit is the founder and CEO of We, a learning studio that provides workshops and experiences to help people develop relational mindfulness within their relationships at work. She’s also an intimacy and relationship coach, a mom, and an artist.

What we discuss:

  • what life was like before a recent ibogaine experience at Beond
  • how she struggled to maintain a work-life balance
  • how her relationships with alcohol and tobacco had become problematic without much awareness of how these substances were affecting her
  • how she had hoped that treatment with ibogaine might help her heal from the trauma of experiencing abuse as a child
  • her intense preparation for her experience
  • how she developed a list of not 2 or 3 but 56 questions for ibogaine
  • how her ibogaine experience, which was wildly different than what she expected, could have gone in two very different directions

Why it’s important: Brigit’s story is one that many of us can relate to: how many of us are struggling with burnout, numbing our pain with substances, and sitting with unresolved childhood trauma? There’s a lot to learn from Brigit’s understanding of relationships and intimacy, and from her experience navigating her ibogaine treatment.

Show notes

About the podcast

Can the psychedelic ibogaine really get to the root of trauma? In Ibogaine Uncovered, author and journalist Amanda Siebert explores the impact of this powerful medicine including what prompts people to seek it out and how their lives are often transformed through the teachings they receive. Guests take an honest look at their healing journey, unpacking their lived experiences with substance use disorder, complex trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and grief. Expert guests also provide listeners with wisdom for their own healing journey. Join Siebert for powerful conversations that highlight the value of preparation, integration, and community in the world of ibogaine healing.

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