Beond Recruitment

Despite all the positive press surrounding the psychedelic renaissance, access to psychedelic therapy remains only accessible for a privileged few. Part of this discrepancy is a lack of psychedelic therapists; there simply aren’t enough training programs to meet the demand. This must change. Led by some of the foremost experts in cardiac-safe ibogaine administration, Beond is looking to train the next-generation of psychedelic therapists, starting with ibogaine therapy training at its sites in México for medical residents, graduate students, post-docs, and psychotherapists-in-training. More advanced degree-holders are also welcome.

Trainee Qualifications: the physicist Max Planck said “Science progresses one funeral at a time.” Ego can be a barrier to innovation, and this has been true even in a field known for ego-dissolving medicines. We expect our trainees to be open-minded yet analytical, to evaluate evidence instead of advancing stigma, and most importantly, to lead with compassion for their patients and colleagues.

If you’re interested in training with us, please send a CV and cover letter to