Do you suffer from Addiction, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression or Trauma?

Please speak to our expert team about how Beond combines the power of ibogaine, our proprietary safety protocols, and best-in-class behavioral therapies delivered by Board Certified Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Registered Nurses, Mental Health Counselors and Preparation & Integration Coaches.

Our clinical team at Beond based in Mexico is led by highly experienced medical doctors, addiction specialists, licensed psychotherapists, alternative healers, coaches, and guides. 

Our certified, on-site and remote-staffed coaches are available 24 hours a day to support the preparation and long-term integration for our clients and their families.

Beond’s methods are medically facilitated and focused on the use of the plant medicine, ibogaine, for rapid detoxification and radical processing of core traumas at the root of the addiction to opiates, alcohol, prescription medications, opiate replacement medications, and other addictive self-destructive behaviors. This is how Beond uniquely delivers 100% results every time. 

In addition to addiction recovery, we also offer ibogaine treatments for mental health challenges, trauma healing. Please inquire about Beond’s Reset Program’s for when you need a reset in your life (mindful media, soulful food, self-love and connection, inner-child and re-parenting).

We're here to help end your addiction or support you with your mental health challenges, wherever you are in the process.

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Our Locations

Yucatan Peninsula I
Yucatan Peninsula II
Cabo San Lucas (Opening 2023)
Todos Santos (Opening 2023)
Mexico City (Opening 2023)


What to Expect

Our continuum of care begins with our first introduction and never ends.

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Preparation &  Integration

Proper preparation ensures the longevity of your healing. Beond counselors and integrations coaches conduct at least two 1:1 confidential sessions to assess your situation and design a pre-treatment plan that prepares your body, mind and spirit for optimal therapy.

Our coaches are available to clients 24 hours a day via our tele-medicine platform.

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Therapy & Treatment

Led by your physician, supported by our certified nursing and psychology staff, your treatment takes place on-site through a safe and effective combination of psychedelic plant medicine, 1:1 counseling, and advanced medical technologies.

Beond combines experiences of self discovery and exploration with breath work, bodywork, nutrition, meditation and deep relaxation practices.

Continuous Aftercare

The key to lasting transformation is continuous aftercare. Your certified Beond integration coaches engage remotely before departure and continue your healing through continuous counseling, education, and support after your return home.

Beond integration coaching is available for extended family & loved ones in any location.