Where Does Ibogaine Come From?

Published on:
April 13, 2023

Ibogaine is beginning to gain some clout as an effective alternative treatment for anxiety, PTSD, depression, and OCD. Ibogaine drug treatment has also proven effective for treating alcoholism, opiate addictions, and other chemical dependencies. However, some health buffs may be wondering where exactly this new medication comes from and why it is so in demand.

Ibogaine is derived from the bark of iboga, a West African shrub. Iboga’s bark is known for its psychedelic properties, and people who follow certain spiritual traditions in West Africa have ingested the bark as a spiritual practice. Ibogaine carries the psychedelic properties inherent to iboga and the introspective state caused by taking ibogaine can aid patients undergoing psychedelic-assisted therapy. 

In medical settings, ibogaine is administered as ibogaine hydrochloride, which is a purified form of the substance. Ibogaine hydrochloride has some alkaloids removed and is administered in pill form at ibogaine treatment centers and iboga healing centers. Medical ibogaine can also be ingested as a sublingual tincture. Because taking unpurified ibogaine can result in death, it is important to take ibogaine under the supervision of certified medical professionals. 

You can find safe ibogaine detox programs at the best ibogaine clinics in Mexico and anywhere else ibogaine is legal. Beond is one iboga treatment center in Cancun that employs several licensed doctors and registered nurses. Be sure to check for medical professionals on the staff of any ibogaine treatment program you choose to be a part of.