Is Ibogaine Dangerous?

Published on:
April 13, 2023

You may have heard the reports about treatments using ibogaine for alcoholism, drug addiction, and anxiety. After hearing so many reports of “miracle drugs” that end up being shams, you may be skeptical about yet another supposed cure for age-old behavioral conditions. The fact that ibogaine is illegal in the United States may also give you pause before you sign up for an ibogaine drug treatment. Is ibogaine really an effective treatment for these conditions or a dangerous drug masquerading as an alternative treatment for anxiety?

Like many medical substances, ibogaine can be dangerous if it is not purified for safe usage and taken under the supervision of a licensed medical professional. While there have been deaths from taking ibogaine, a study found that these deaths resulted from taking impure or unsafe dosages, along with patients’ preexisting conditions and using opioids at the same time as ibogaine. Researchers concluded that ibogaine was likely not toxic in and of itself. 

The best ibogaine treatment centers such as Beond in Cancun have highly-qualified doctors and RNs on staff to ensure ibogaine is safely administered. Furthermore, in iboga treatment centers, ibogaine is usually purified into ibogaine hydrochloride before staff members give it to patients as a pill. This ensures that patients have a safe, meaningful experience at the ibogaine treatment facility. With safety in mind, you can experience the formally-documented properties of ibogaine such as reducing chemical cravings and helping the brain reset addictive behaviors. Be sure to do research on the best ibogaine clinics before committing to a treatment program.