Ibogaine Uncovered: Finding Healing and Self-Love 

Published on:
May 9, 2023

by Jenita Richards

Julia Reibelt, also known as @findjules on tiktok, has found a home at Evolve Ventures, nurturing startups that focus on positive change and impact in the world, with some of them psychedelic companies. Julia’s own journey towards healing and self-love started with her exploration of psychedelic medicine.

There were and still are many misconceptions Julia experienced while exploring the world of psychedelic medicines. Many people she talked to didn't know much about ibogaine, a psychedelic substance often used for addiction treatment and more recently for PTSD, those who did often had third-hand recollection of its effects.

“I’m a deeply emotional person and I want to be better able to hold the full range of emotions, and not just the ones that I feel comfortable with.” 

However, Julia’s personal experience with an eating disorder gave her a unique perspective on the healing potential of psychedelic medicine. She had done a lot of work changing her awareness and bringing her unconscious to the conscious to heal from her eating disorder, which made her ibogaine experience unique and powerful.

During her journey with ibogaine, Julia felt like her missing childhood memories were filled in, beautiful ones instead of solely the ones littered with dis-ease. She was able to identify and accept a wide range of emotions. This experience gave her all the answers she needed, not because the medicine answered her questions directly but because it gave her a foundation to come back to whenever she needed to tap into herself and find the answers.

"I’ve been able to implement a lot of habits that I think prior to this experience would have felt rigid, and now it feels different because the motivation is different. It feels like a true act of self-love rather than the inner critic running the show" 

Julia’s experience with psychedelic medicine and years of self-work helped her understand the importance of binding her body, mind, and instincts together. She realized that her disconnect from her body and her senses, caused by her eating disorder, was driving her away from discipline. By exploring her true motivations for needing structure in her life, she had to dive deep into her soul and figure out whether her habits were driven by ego or self-love.

Now, Julia feels like she's able to hold the full range of emotions and not just the ones that she feels comfortable with. She acknowledges that the overwhelming rush of thoughts and emotions during a psychedelic journey can be a challenge to accept and she understands that the answers to questions are always within us.

Julia compares seeking outside advice to the journey of psychedelic medicine, where we often bring many questions but the medicine doesn't give us the answers we seek. However, by finding the answers within ourselves, we can implement habits that feel compassionate and in our best interests, rather than keeping us in a rat race or looking outwards to what others may do.

Her journey with ibogaine speaks directly to those seeking healing and self-love. By embracing the power of psychedelic substances and combining them with self-work, we can tap into our true selves and find the answers we need to live a fulfilling life.

Psychedelic medicine can be a powerful tool, but it's the combination of this medicine and self-work that truly creates the transformation.