How Does Ibogaine Work?

Published on:
April 13, 2023

Ibogaine is a revolutionary new treatment shaking up the medical community and changing what we know about treating addiction and other behavioral conditions. While it is not yet legal in the United States, you can find ibogaine in Mexico at some of the best ibogaine treatment centers in the world. Ibogaine clinics in Mexico such as Beond in Cancun are known for their ibogaine drug treatment and their ibogaine-based alternative therapies for anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and depression.

Ibogaine is a medicinal substance derived from iboga, a West African shrub with bark that carries psychoactive effects when ingested. Indigenous African peoples have ingested the bark as part of their spiritual traditions. While ibogaine still carries psychedelic practices when ingested, it has no significantly harmful side effects when consumed in safe dosages.

Although studies have not yet illuminated ibogaine’s mechanism of action, clinical studies have shown that ibogaine reduces chemical and behavioral cravings, leading to effective treatments using ibogaine for alcoholism and ibogaine for drug addiction. Ibogaine also helps the brain rewire itself, helping patients purge unwanted and addictive behaviors. Ibogaine’s psychedelic effects also create deeper introspection, allowing ibogaine treatment facilities to offer psychedelic-assisted therapy programs. If you’re interested in trying this bold, new treatment, be sure to look for high-quality, medically-certified ibogaine clinics in countries where ibogaine is legal. You may also want to check out the wealth of medical literature available on the properties of ibogaine and its effects on patients. Learn more to decide if ibogaine treatments are right for you.