How Beond’s Treatment Program Integrates Alternative Therapies for Depression and Addiction

Published on:
April 13, 2023

Depression and addiction can be complex and perplexing for patients and outside observers watching their friends and loved ones suffer through these conditions. These disorders are often caused by a mix of chemicals, negative emotions such as self-hatred, unresolved traumas, and unhealthy habits related to food, technology use, and substance consumption. 

For many people, the chemical aspect of depression and addiction can be the most challenging hurdle to clear. Addiction sufferers may desire to get sober, but the negative feelings and painful bodily sensations associated with withdrawal make that task feel impossible. Depression sufferers may feel at the mercy of the low moods caused by neurochemicals or early childhood trauma. Using ibogaine for depression and addiction can be a powerful way to counteract the chemicals that contribute to these conditions. Ibogaine blocks the neurochemicals that cause cravings and withdrawal symptoms, which can include depression. Coupled with daily therapy, the treatment is the main way our ibogaine clinic in Mexico begins the healing process.

However, we acknowledge that the healing process doesn’t end there. While ibogaine can reshape the brain in ways conducive to recovery, patients still have to address the underlying issues and traumas that contributed to their depression or addiction. For this reason, we provide a dedicated integrated support program with our therapeutic coaches and psychotherapists during and after your treatment. We have also designed several Beond Reset Programs, which are alternative therapies for depression and addiction that promote healthy habits and mindsets that can powerfully impact a client’s life after their ibogaine treatment. 

Examples of Beond Reset Programs include our Mindful Media Reset program, which reframes patients’ relationship to technology, eliminating negative habits such as “doomscrolling” or comparing oneself to others on social media. Another popular program is the Soulful Food Reset, which is based on the medically-documented premise that the types of food people eat can affect their moods and mental health. We also offer specialized programs such as the Inner-Child & Re-Parenting Reset, which we designed to help clients with lingering childhood trauma or unhealthy behavioral patterns passed down through their families. 

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